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Faraday is a Sino-European joint venture enterprise, high reliability brushless AC alternators. We integrated the world' s leading technologies of alternators with the international advanced company management system, and applied them to products research,customization, marketing development and global service 's network construction. Faraday is an excellent partner of many worldwide renowned entities covered diffrent business areas, just likediesel gen-set, marine equipment, oil & gas field equipment, military products, and power products forengineering machinery etc.


Low Voltage Alternators ( 6. 5KW - 3000KW ), High Voltage Alternators ( 500KW - 5000KW ), Medium Speed Alternators ( 240KW - 10000KW ),DC Generators ( 5KW - 24KW ), Marine Alternators ( 12KW - 2000KW ),Permanent magnet generator(Below 100KW),Wind Turbines(500KW - 8000KW), The product can be customized according to customer requirements.


Low Voltage Alternators


High Voltage Alternators


Medium Speed Alternators


DC Generators


Marine Alternators

Below 100KW

Permanent magnet generator


Wind Turbines

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Creating permanent value for high-end customer by excellent quality and perfect service, helpe mployees to achieve their ideality and take responsibility for the Society.

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To be a technology leading professional manufacturer of alternators which makes employeesfeel happiness and get customers' trust.

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Integrity - The Foundation of our existence   

Talent - The power of our growth     
Innovation - The source of our promotion

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Core Competitiveness

Professional staff, advanced concepts, first-class technology, reliable qualityand timely services, these will be the core competitiveness of Faraday alternator.

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High-quality varnished wire

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All semi-finished products underwenttightened perfomance test

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Stator winding

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Low-loss & high-quality silicon steel sheet (Stator )

3MW Alternator testing Center

With industry-leading alternator testing equipment and type test platform, FARADAY can carry out comprehensive performance test on alternators with different voltage, frequency and power, so as to guarantee alternators' performance of FARADAY and satisfy the requirements of relevant international standards.

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Anatomy map of dipping paint fili volume

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Higher than the national dynamic balance accuracy requirements

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Cooperative supplier

Sino-European joint venture enterprise

Official account

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