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FDZ-DC series generator

Standard features:
Meets the world's leading generator standard requirements
GB755, IEC60034, BS5000, VDE0530, CSA22.2-100
Standard H pole insulation grade
Advanced automatic voltage regulation control, fast excitation, low static and transient voltage regulation
Wide voltage adjustable range, strong overload capability
Good ventilation, high efficiency, low vibration
Standard IP22 protection level
Use maintenance-free sealed bearings
Outlet end rotating diode and coupling bolts are easy to install and maintain
Permanent magnet generator (PMG) provides excitation to provide 3 times continuous short-circuit current
Single and double fulcrums are optional, single fulcrum can be selected for various specifications of transition sleeves and coupling discs
2/3 winding pitch suppresses excessive neutral current
Low Waveform Distortion Rate

Options and Options:
Anti-condensation heater
Winding temperature detection RTD
Air Filter

Key words: Classic Series Alternator


FDZ DC generator
  24/48V~50Hz 1500RPM
Ambient temperature Commonly used 40 ° C Peak 40 ° C Peak 27°C
Temperature rise Commonly used 125K Alternate 150K Alternate 163K
FDZ1A-4 Rated power KW 5 5.5 6
FDZ1D-4 Rated power KW 8 8.8 9.4
FDZ1GS-4 Rated power KW 12 13.2 14
FDZ1G-4 Rated power KW 16 18 18.8
FDZ2AS-4 Rated power KW 20 22 24
FDZ2A-4 Rated power KW 24 26 28



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