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Classic generator

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FD1 series

Standard features:<BR> Meets the world's leading generator standard requirements <BR>GB755, IEC60034, BS5000, VDE0530, CSA22.2-100<BR> Single and double fulcrums are optional, single fulcrum can be <BR>selected for various specifications of transition sleeves and joints Disk<BR> Stator leads can be rewired to meet different voltage requirements<BR> Standard class H insulation class<BR> Rotating diodes and couplings are easy to install and maintain Fully enclosed maintenance-free bearings <BR><BR> Options and Options:<BR> Winding temperature test RTD ; <BR> Winding Temperature Protection<BR> Thermistors & Relaysanti-condensation heaterAir<BR> filterParallel operation of the droop current<BR> transformerIP44<BR> protection level

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